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Stein-Erik Olsen and Roar Engelberg

Two musicians, both masters at their craft, keep audiences spellbound with tasteful arrangements of well known melodies. Panpipes and classical guitar are indeed a unique combination. Through many years working together, our dynamic duo have also managed to develop a completely new repertoire including all types of music from the renaissance to music that reflects our time.

Roar Engelberg is our first international artist on panpipes.

Stein-Erik Olsen has conquered the world of the guitar through a combination of standard styles and repertoire coupled with his virtuoso technique.

This incomparable duo meets all musical challenges with amazing results. Be it Rumanian or South American folk Music, hits by the Beatles or simply beautiful romantic melodies, their public are never disappointed.

This duet has enjoyed great success both here and abroad from their many concerts, T.V. appearances and C.D. recordings.

They manage to create an intimate and atmospheric mood regardless of the venue and......... need we say it again: Two musicians, both masters at their craft, keep their audiences spellbound!